Zowie Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard Review


In this crowded mechanical
keyboard market, Zowie took a different path to make a perfect keyboard for
eSports player. Their Celeritas II keyboard is kind of rare because it’s one of
the few keyboards that use an optical switch for their keyboard instead of
Cherry MX switches. Celeritas is a simple Latin word means
“quickness” and yes this keyboard is fast in terms of key response
and how little time it takes to set up for its driverless feature.


• Optimal and more precise pretravel

• High quality iron spring, consistent keystroke and improved durability

• Optical switches, avoid double key presses

• No drivers needed, plug & play

• Red LED backlit keys with adjustable brightness

• RTR (Real Time Response,1x 2x 4x 8x) via PS/2 interface

• 100% N-Key Rollover