ZOTAC GTX 1080 AMP! Extreme Edition Review


For what we see the ZOTAC GTX 1080 AMP Extreme is a rather spectacular card both in its design and its performance. The cooler is exceptionally efficient and keeps the card cool also even in 3DMark running fan didn’t spin for a while and even when they spin just in few minutes make the card cool enough to stop spinning again. Which is very impressive, I didn’t see any card to do that in the middle in 3DMark benchmark.

ZOTAC GTX 1080 AMP! Extreme Edition (48)

A quick summary of Pros and Cons.

Very attractive design

Superb build quality

Customizable RGB LED

Very high factory overclocks

Quite in load

Efficient cooler

Excellent performance

5 years warranty

Too heavy

Backplate yellow colour does not go with all builds

Only 7 colour lighting options

The FireStorm software needs more work

2.5-slot thick


A great option for users who don’t want to overclock their GPU, as ZOTAC GTX 1080 AMP Extreme out of the box runs over 2GHz in boost. Performance ways this is one of the fastest GTX 1080 on the market and can handle 1440p or 4K gaming easily. ZOTAC GTX 1080 AMP Extreme also cost less than many other custom design card in the market. As of the time of this review, pricing is affected by limited stocks, but ZOTAC GTX 1080 AMP Extreme cost ₹ 62,000 in India and $730 in the US, which is lower than some Founder and many custom cards. Also icing on the cake is ZOTAC’s 5 years’ warranty which is very impressive. Overall I am very pleased with ZOTAC GTX 1080 AMP Extreme and for its performance and cooler operation we are giving it GOLD AWARD.

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