Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Earphones Review


After highly successful Mi In-Ear Piston1 and Piston2 Xiaomi launch their new Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Earphones. This time, Xiaomi worked hard on its looks and design, as so Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Earphones Winner of the 2015 Red Dot Design Award.

It was interested in seeing how good new earphones are, especially given the low retail price of INR999 ($15). How can it compare against in-ear headphones that are a lot more expensive from other sound brands, or would it simply coordinate a custom pair of headphones that normally leaves the crate with most smartphones?

As usual, Xiaomi packed this with an environment-friendly recyclable compact cardboard box with instruction printed on it. Inside a minimalist plastic carrying case, and some rubber guides to secure the earphones. Button functions, which are printed onto the one-piece cardboard box. In my opinion, that should be the way to go rather than some folded instruction manuals. Its shows how the button function worked.


In spite of being made completely out of plastic, the conveying case just shouts premium. From the symmetrically adjusted edges and the transparent cover, it is intended to be flawlessly minimized in an exquisite way.

Inside, you will find the earpieces displayed neatly in a nifty rubber square housing, which you could use for easy carrying earphones. Under the rubber housing, you will find three sets of different sized silicone ear buds to suit your ears.