Xiaomi Launched New Mi TV 3 60-inch 4K TV

Xiaomi few month ago launched their Mi TV 2S 4K, Now Xiaomi has unveiled its latest 60-inch 4K TV, with the new Mi TV 3 featuring 4K resolution screen and smart soundbar.

The Xiaomi 60-inch 4K Mi TV 3 comes with a soundbar, but it’s not just an audio system. Inside of the speaker, there’s an MStar 6A928 processor, 2GB of DDR3 RAM and 8GB of flash storage. The soundbar is connected to the TV by Mi Port, when connected it run the power and data to access to MIUI TV. MIUI TV is Xiaomi’s Android-based smart TV platform.

The Mi TV Bar not just work with this particular TV, you can purchased it separately, and works with any TV, monitor or projector – which is fantastic. Xiaomi says that removing those component from TV’s motherboard reduce 20% of the overall cost of the TV, also it means you can update the TV just by changing the soundbar in future, Xiaomi hopes you’ll upgrade and replace your TV’s motherboard more often – keeping the glorious 60-inch 4K panel, instead of buying an entire new TV set.


Xiaomi 60-inch 4K Mi TV 3 comes with price tag RMB 4,999 in china, which is around $786.