XFX to launch Its own R9 Fury

Yes, it true XFX is preparing their own version of AMD’s R9 Fury GPU, which means that XFX will soon be selling their own custom Fury powered GPU to go along with the current competitor ASUS, Sapphire and Powercolor.

XFX R9 Fury model will be cooled by a 3 fan cooling solution and will be using a PCB which looks like AMD reference Fury X PCB. Anyway the cooler also looks very similar to Powercolor and Sapphire’s designs, but XFX have gone for a stealthy black cooler.

 Although XFX GPU will be have similar specs when compared to other R9 Fury GPUs, with 4GB of memory, 3584 GCN GPU cores and beefy 3 fan cooler design. It will be powered by two 8-pin PCIe power cables and will also have the rear side of the GPU covered by a stealthy black backplate.

For now we don’t know exactly what GPU clock would be although we may expect it from about 1000 to 1040 MHz comparing the other present GPUs in the market,