XFX Readies Liquid-Cooled and Air-Cooled Radeon R9 Fury

If you are thinking of getting Radeon R9 Fury by XFX then here is a thing for you guys, it seems that they are going to launch Radeon R9 Fury with both Liquid-Cooled and Air-Cooled Versions.

Radeon R9 Fury with the liquid cooling solution would be more expensive sibling, the R9 Fury X. XFX has you covered, with the first liquid-cooled R9 Fury. This card is essentially an R9 Fury X reference board with the 3,584 stream processor-packing R9 Fury ASIC, and a few cosmetic changes on its panels by XFX. Also the card could come with a factory-overclock that matches the 1050 MHz core of the R9 Fury X, and also with its AIO liquid cooling solution, and can be around Rs.37k ($550) for R9 Fury and the Rs.43k ($650) R9 Fury X.

In addition that, XFX is ready with an air-cooled card designed to sel. XFX’ air-cooled Radeon R9 Fury graphics card features a dual-slot, triple-fan cooling solution that’s very identical in design to the Tri-X cooler used by Sapphire. But underneath it, is an AMD reference-design “Fiji” PCB, seating the 3,584 SP R9 Fury ASIC. Well he card could offer 0 dBA silent, and with AMD reference clock speeds of 1000 MHz core, and 500 MHz memory and could sell at AMD’s baseline price for the R9 Fury, at about Rs.33k ($500).