Western Digital has announced WD Green will migrate into the WD Blue lineup

Western Digital has announced their WD Green brand migrate into the WD Blue lineup. This move is apparently aimed at reducing consumer confusion when shopping for hard drives.

Now Western Digital will have four WD series of Drives

  • WD BLUE  – For mainstream

  • WD BLACK – For enthusiasts and gamers

  • WD RED   –  For NAS

  • WD PURPLE – For video surveillance systems

Usually, mainstream users get confused between WD Green and Blue. Western Digital is trying to simplify selection, so they unify the WD Green into WD Blue series products for the mainstream PC. The biggest difference between WD Green and WD Blue drives was the slower spindle speed of WD Green. The WD Blue feature a 7200rpm disk speed, while the WD Greens had speed between 5400rpm and 7200rpm. The WD Green drives were quite propeller, for their reduced power consumption and used for a mass storage drive. But Western Digital says WD Blue will give similar package with more performance.