TBS Preps Weekly E-sports Counter-Strike: Global Offensive TV show

E-sports competitive gaming has become more and more popular spectator sport. Now it’s coming to mainstream TV. From next year, TBS will launch a new league for e-sports, which will telecasts on Friday nights. The competitions will run for 20 weeks a year, starting with Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the first season.

Prior to every broadcast, TBS will show preliminary competitions online, paving the way to the Friday night showdowns. Players will compete for prize money, however TBS and partnering talent agency WME/IMG haven’t determined the amount. TBS is additionally considering drug tests for players, following other e-sports leagues that have grasped the utilization of Adderall to help consideration.

As of now competitive gaming is already a huge worldwide phenomenon thanks to online video services such as Twitch and other online stream services. To get in the game, last month, Google launched its own livestreaming service for gaming through YouTube Gaming. E-sports are even getting more sports element, with DraftKings launching a competition for next months’ League of Legends World Championship.

“Gaming research firm Newzoo told the Wall Street Journal that 32 million people currently watch e-sports in the United States.”

In resent event, Team Fnatic is crowned champions at this year’s ESL One Cologne e-sports event, the world’s largest CS:GO tournament and have the most views till date. If TBS can pull off this e-sports league, it should helps grow the e-sports audience even further.