Steam Finally Adds Option To Delete Games Permanently From Your Library

People who love to play video games they often purchase regrettable PC games on Steam, after playing that horrible one they can uninstall from their PC. But in Steam library it remains in the game list and reminds the user of their misguided purchasing.

Finally, after so many years Steam added the option to permanently delete those titles from their account. To do this all you have to do is head to your Steam support Search for the game you want to get rid of and then chose “I want to permanently remove this game from my account” and you’re done.

It isn’t clear when this feature is included in steam, but it’s good from their previous option to ‘hide’ games from your library. Now this deleting option will help so many user who want to get rid their bad purchase, but before deleting keep in mind this thing that when you are trying to remove bundle games you’ll end up by deleting all the games came with that package so be aware of that and happy deleting.