Star Wars Helmet Mod Released for XCOM

Are you a Star Wars fan? Want some Star Wars action in XCOM. Now you can have it with Star Wars Helmet Mod, give your soldiers semi blind Star Wars Helmets that justify their bad aim as recruits.
Star Wars Helmet Mod include six helmet style and more helmets are coming soon.

  1. Classic Stormtrooper Helmet
  2. Scout Trooper Helmet
  3. First Order Helmet
  4. Mandalorian Helmet
  5. Full color and camo customization
  6. Facepaint called “Black Collar” to cover the exposed neck
Star Wars Helmet Mod 6Star Wars Helmet ModStar Wars Helmet Mod 2
Star Wars Helmet Mod 5Star Wars Helmet Mod 4Star Wars Helmet Mod 3

Download link for Star Wars Helmet Mod.