Star Wars: Battlefront to Have An Open Beta

DICE has declared that, they are going to allow an open beta for Star Wars: Battlefront in next month for everyone on every platform, As far as game modes, the Battlefront open beta will ship with both online and offline split-screen co-op play with bots. So far we know that the online offerings will include 40-players assault mode on Hoth with skirmishes on the ice floor with AT-AT’s and Snowspeeders, also there will be dogfights in the skies.

Also there will be offline play featuring the Missions gametype centered on teaming up with a friend via couch co-op to tackle bots. It looks like bots won’t be solely for offline play after all; “Our Fighter Squadron mode features AI units (10 on each side),” says DICE’s Matthew Everett.

Although the bets doesn’t seems to concentrate on release date, plus there might possible of smashed bandwidth because a lot of gamer’s are going to download and have the first experience of the game. Anyway Everett didn’t go into specifics on Battlefront’s new and improved multiplayer system as Battlefront will not have browser server on PC, but will feature on “skill based matchmaking system”.