ROG XG2 External Graphics Dock for ASUS ROG laptops

GPUs are always being the weakest point of laptop gaming, even if you get top mobile GPU at the time it’s still becaming useless within one or one a half year, so the idea of External GPUs has always been something that has greatly interested laptop gamers.


At CES 2016 ASUS has announced their own solution to this problem with their ROG XG External graphics card dock, which will allow to peer ASUS ROG laptops to use any ASUS GPU externally, but ASUS didn’t reveal much detail regarding how this unit worked, it may use some custom connectors to hook up ROG XG2 to the laptop.



“Designed to boost graphics power for gaming on ASUS ROG laptops. Compatible with ASUS GeForce and Radeon graphics cards. The dock will also charge the laptop while you play!”