Pricing of AMD ZEN Summit Ridge CPUs leaked

The pricing of AMD’s Zen-based Summit Ridge CPUs have been leaked, showing expected performance numbers and pricing all of AMD’s Summit Ridge CPUs.


We already reported that AMD’s Zen CPU will first launch on January 17th with a secondary launch in early March. Which indicates AMD will likely to officially reveal their Zen CPUs at CES 2017. Now, latest leaked reveals the pricing information for all SR7, SR5, and SR3 series chips. Check the list down below:


CPU ModelCoresThreadsCinebench 15 score (Estimated)ProcessTDPUS Price
Special Zen SR78161300+14nm95W$500
Zen SR7816130014nm95W$350
Zen SR5612100014nm95W$250
Zen SR34870014nm95W$150

This leaked pricing is correct, then AMD’s Quad-core Summit Ridge CPUs will deliver a significant competition for Intel in the lower end i3/i5 CPUs and higher end Zen chips with higher count CPU cores/threads than Intel price point.