Phanteks Announces New Digital RGB Product line up

Phanteks today announced the availability of the new Digital RGB product line up. Featuring High Quality and High Density LED chips for the smoothest color gradients and vibrant colors. The controller lets you choose between the many stylish color profiles with an easy to use remote. Digital RGB from Phanteks is simply plug-and-play with the highest lighting quality.

Halos Digital RGB Fan Frames
The Phanteks’ Halos Digital RGB fan frames complements any system build with ambient illumination. Using 30 high-density LEDs, the Halos Digital can illuminate different varieties of fans including high-performance fans made from PBT material. The Halos can be daisy-chained to all of Phanteks D-RGB products and synchronized with our P350X or third-party motherboards using our D-RGB motherboard adapter.

Digital RGB Controller Hub, Combo Kit and Starter Kit 
Phanteks Digital RGB Controller Hub includes everything you need to go beyond RGB. The Digital RGB Controller Hub features an easy 3 button remote with color modes and patterns that can be used without a third-party software. Connect effortlessly to other D-RGB products from Phanteks (Halos Digital/D-RGB LED Strip) and have the option to sync with D-RGB compatible motherboards if desired.

The controller can be installed in many different locations with the integrated magnets on the controller. Combine with our D-RGB LED Strip Combo kit (includes 2x D-RGB LED Strips and D-RGB M/B adapter) and you can easily expand your digital RGB lighting. The 40cm D-RGB LED strips are made with high-quality chips and housed in a waterproof silicone. Like our controller, the strips have integrated magnets making installation easier. Or purchase the Starter Kit and start experiencing Digital RGB like never before. The Starter kit includes Phanteks Digital RGB Controller Hub and the Combo Kit to give users a whole lighting solution from one product.