NVIDIA trolls the new Apple TV

NVIDIA was quick to trash talk about the new Apple TV, Because Apple said that its new Apple TV has capability to run games as a central part of its device. Whereas NVIDIA has upper-hand in gaming oriented company, so they hooked with their Shield TV, which is 4K-capable device that does more than 4K steaming and gaming.

NVIDIA created a post on the official Shield page, where it asked the question: “NVIDIA SHIELD or the New Apple TV?” NVIDIA has supported set-top gaming with Shield, which features 4K streaming, voice search, voice commands, and a massive gaming ecosystem that doesn’t just include Android games, but PC games too. Also Nvidia has a point, because new Apple TVcan play only iOS games and can’t pay anything outside the iOS platform, whereas Shield opens the doors to PC which allows lots of games payable on its Shield TV device.