The NVIDIA Titan X is now available for $1200

NVIDIA’s newest fastest GPU GTX Titan X now available to purchase with a staggering price tag of $1200, but most unusual thing NVIDIA didn’t release much data about performance and most reviewers didn’t get any review samples. So NVIDIA accepting buyer will take a purchasing decision without it?  But this card is instead focusing their marketing on high levels of compute performance of this GPU, rather than its gaming performance.

GTX Titan X 4

Although I do find some performance data from, they have managed to get their own Titan X and collected data on some of the today’s most graphically intensive days.

GTX Titan X 1 GTX Titan X 2 GTX Titan X 3

As expected, with more GPU horsepower the GTX Titan X GPU does outperform the GTX 1080 by a fair margin, but it lots less what everyone expects given it has 1000 CUDA core more than the GTX 1080. With a price that is almost 2x higher than the GTX 1080 Founders Edition, the GTX Titan X Pascal does not offer great value for money regarding the cost to performance and tow GTX 1080 will much better if anyone just what higher performance.

GTX Titan X 5 GTX Titan X 6 GTX Titan X 7

Full Pascal line of GPU Specifications

 Titan XGTX 1080 FEGTX 1070 FEGTX 1060 FE
GPU ArchitecturePascalPascalPascalPascal
Process node16nm16nm16nm16nm
SP FP Performance11 TFLOPs9 TFLOPs6.5 TFLOPs4.4TFLOPS
CUDA Core Count3584256019201280
VRAM Cappacity12GB8GB8GB6GB
Memory Bus Size384-bit256-bit256-bit192-bit
Memory Bandwidth480 GB/s320 GB/s256 GB/s192 GB/s
Base clock speed1417MHz1607MHz1506Mhz1506MHz
Boost clock speed1531MHz1733MHz1683MHz1708MHz
Power Connection1x 8-pin 1x 6-pin1x 8-pin1×8-pin6-pin
PCI Express PCIe 3.0PCIe 3.0PCIe 3.0PCIe 3.0