Nvidia Preparing Their Next Dual GPU Card

Reports indicate that Nvidia is preparing an ultra powerful dual GPU using either dual Titan X or dual GTX 980Ti cores, creating Nvidia’s fastest GPU to date.

Right now there is no specific news about this GPU will be a Titan branded GPU like Nvidia’s last Dual GPU card the Titan Z, but it seems that last week at a secret event in New York this upcoming GPU was shown to invited attendees. This suggests that this GPU is ready or a few weeks away from it’s official launch date, so it is expected that an official announcement is coming soon.

Right now the race is on between AMD and Nvidia to see who can launch the new generation dual GPU graphics card first. AMD’s is going to release R9 Fury X2 in Fall 2015, so both these GPU will likely be coming out at around the same time.  Nvidia’s previous generation Titan Z was ignored by the gamers as it featured two under clocked GPU cores and had a high price tag of $3000. This made this GPU simply non-competitive with AMD’s R9 295X2 in both performance terms and in price to performance terms.

We hope that this time Nvidia will be able to keep the GPUs clocks high and the thermals under control because of their ultra-efficient Maxwell architecture and may use an AIO cooler.


It is expected that Nvidia have been spending some time to use their GM200 chips in this GPU for low power consumption, in a similar way that they were using their GM204 chips in GTX 980 for Mobile use. Hopefully this should mean that Nvidia will be able to deliver a dual GPU this generation that will perform equally to of its single GPU counterparts in SLI.