NVIDIA and Warner Bros Working To Fix Arkham Knight’s PC Version

Batman Arkham Knight was one of the most noticeably awful PC arrivals of late years, being glitch’s with performance issues and notwithstanding been pulled from sale on Steam and numerous different retailers around the world.

This game is an Nvidia GameWorks title and also it was bundled with Nvidia GPUs, which makes this broken game a big hit on reputation of just Warner Bors’, also Nvidia’s. Nvidia’s chief GameWorks Engineer, Tom Peterson, said that working on Batman Arkham Knight is an example of how Nvidia can “help a developer get to market with a quality game”. Nvidia is additionally helping Rocksteady Studios with parts of the diversion which is irrelevant to Nvidia’s tech as a signal of good confidence to the designer and the individuals who got the amusement with Nvidia GPUs.

An Interim Patch for the PC version of the game is coming next month, but a fully fixed version of the game is still several months away. We Hope that Batman Arkham Knight will be completely fixed state.