New ASUS White Geforce GTX 950 OC Spotted

White contents are getting propeller as companies making them quite often, ASUS made white Sabertooth limited edition motherboard with previous gen chipset and the new Z170 mainstream motherboards also has white ascent. So ASUS decided to make a mainstream Geforce GTX 950 OC card with white color.

The new GTX950-OC-2GD5 model based on ASUS’ Auto-Extreme Technology with Super Alloy Power II components, custom dual-fan cooler with white shroud and a decent factory-overclock. The card comes with factory overclock to 1102MHz GPU base and 1253MHz GPU Boost clocks while the memory was pushed to 6.61GHz.

The ASUS GTX950-OC-2GD5 White looks quite good with ASUS Z170 mainstream motherboards and looks like they rally made for each other.