New AMD Zen Desktop and Mobile roadmaps leaked

A new roadmap has leaked, showcasing Zen’s official release date to be in 2017 and new Zen based APU which will also release in the same year.

As we already know AMD’s Zen based CPUs and APUs will release on new AM4 “Promontory” CPU platform, which will support both APUs and CPUs with DDR4 RAM support.

AMD Zen Desktop and Mobile roadmaps leaked 1

With Zen AMD will bring both eight core/16 thread Zen based CPUs and quad-core Excavator based APUs, with AMD’s Bristol Ridge of AM4 APUs being set for a late 2016 release alongside AM4 motherboards.

We can see AMD’s Zen based CPUs are listed with 65-95W TDP, which is very low compared to TDP of AMD’s existing Piledriver series of CPUs which have TDPs which range from 95W to 220W for 8-core models.

AMD Zen Desktop and Mobile roadmaps leaked

In the mobile roadmaps reveal a “Raven Ridge” APU which will have 4 Zen CPU cores and up to 12 GCN GPU compute units, which is a 50% increase over AMD’s existing APU offerings.

Below is a table showcasing the specifications of the desktop version of AMD’s Raven Ridge of APUs and Zen based APU, which will have more CPU performance and GPU performance than AMD’s existing offering while taking less power.

APUZen Based APUA10-7890KA10-7870KA10-7850K
Process node14nm28nm28nm28nm
CPU ArchitectureZenSteamrollerSteamrollerSteamroller
Base Clock4.1GHz3.9GHz3.7GHz
Turbo Clock4.3GHz4.1GHz4.0GHz
GPU ArchitecturePolarisGCNGCNGCN
GPU Cores768512512512
GPU Clock900MHz867MHz720MHz