MSI Thunderstorm Aluminum Gaming Mousepad

MSI announced Thunderstorm Aluminum Gaming Mousepad, as the name says it’s an anodized aluminum Mousepad with black and red MSI gaming design.

Thunderstorm is equipped with anti-slip feet on all four corners. Its unique L-shaped design gives gamers maximum freedom to position their keyboard. The edges of the solid aluminum Thunderstorm have a chamfer finishing for a premium look and feel.

The MSI Thunderstorm features two different surfaces to compliment both Control Surface and Speed Surface. The Control Surface features a rough texture that provides more friction and better control movements. The polymer textured Speed Surface is optimized for fast movements and gives a smooth motion.

Product Specification

  • Surface: Anodized Aluminum Surface+ Hard Plastic polymer Surface
  • Product Dimension: 320mm(Length) x 225mm(Width) x 2mm(Height)
  • Approximate Weight: 386 g / 0.85lbs

Packaging Contents:

  • Thunderstorm Aluminum Gaming Mousepad
  • Anti-Microbial Cleaning Cloth
  • Nitoflon Adhesive Tape

source: MSI