MSI Announces Z170I Gaming Pro AC and B150M night Elf Motherboard

MSI introducing new Z170I Gaming Pro AC and B150M night Elf Motherboard for gaming. The Z170I GAMING PRO AC is the next-generation ITX GAMING model featuring Wi-Fi AC whereas the B150M NIGHT ELF motherboard is the unique mATX GAMING choice featuring an imprinted NO.1 IN GAMING RED LED highlight. The new B150M NIGHT ELF and Z170I GAMING PRO AC motherboards are the perfect foundation for a portable, powerful system packed with the most advanced gaming features into these small size which is ideal for gamers to have a portable gaming rig.

First let us see talk about, The B150M NIGHT ELF which has gaming in its looks and also in its DNA. It is Micro-ATX motherboard which is based on the Intel B150 chipset supporting 6th Gen Intel Core processors for LGA1151, comes with four DDR4 memory slots. DDR4 Boost technology provides maximum stability and compatibility while also improving memory performance and also No more broking PCI-Express slots because of heavy high-end graphics cards, the Steel Armor reinforced slot can handle even the most extreme models. The MSI Gaming LAN ensures lagfree gaming by automatically prioritizing games above other applications. This motherboard is also equipped with Audio Boost 3 technology for studio grade sound quality using an EMI-shielded HD audio processor and an isolated PCB for crystal clear audio. Additional to above features is has red LED illumination which makes the Night Elf a real eye-catcher.

Now about new Z170I GAMING PRO AC motherboard which is the perfect choice if you’re looking for small form factor. This full-featured Mini-ITX motherboard supports 6th Gen Intel Core processors for LGA1151 and comes with all the powerful features of the Intel Z170 chipset. The Z170I GAMING PRO AC is equipped with both SATA Express and Turbo M.2 for blazing fast storage solutions with speeds up to 32 Gb/s. Also the MSI managed to add dual-antenna Intel Wi-Fi next to MSI GAMING LAN, with the newest 802.11 AC wireless standard which is capable of speed up to 867 Mbps. The board is also great for multi-media applications thanks to DPC Latency Tuner, a convenient tool that helps you to optimize your PC settings to get a smooth audio/video playback and a fast responding system. USB Audio Power PRO delivers stable 5V power to a gold plated USB port to get the maximum performance out of your USB audio devices. Z170I also have support to DDR4 Memory and MSI GAMING LAN making the game lagfree. It’s perfect to those who are looking for small form rig built.