MSI Announced The Geforce GTX 980 Ti Gaming Golden Edition

MSI announced the GeForce GTX 980 Ti Gaming Golden Edition, a special edition of the GTX 980 Ti Gaming graphics card with a copper heatsink, gold-color skim and higher factory overclock. This is a limited edition card, and comes with one of the highest out of the box clock speeds of 1190 MHz core, 1291 MHz GPU Boost, and 7096 MHz GDDR5-effective memory.

The biggest feature of the Golden Edition card is its full copper-fin heatsink, with copper heat-pipes, difference between the aluminium fin heatsink with nickel-plated heat pipes and copper heat pipes gives better heat dissipation. But the card a lot of weight, at 1,338 g compared to 1,068 g of the standard card which 30% more weight. MSI still not announce any pricing or availability.