Mirror’s Edge Catalyst looks awesome on PC at 4K

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst not looks great on the Xbox One, but on the PC shows how good it can be, especially on 4K, thanks to some screenshots from DSOGaming.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst 4K 8

This screenshots from closed beta of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst at 4K. Although in 4K, the beta build of Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst only ran at 20-40fps. where they note that VRAM limitations happen at 4K, with the game requiring more than 6GB of framebuffer. At 1080p, the site reports that they were hitting a minimum framerate of 70FPS on Ultra settings on their GeForce GTX 690.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is using more CPU cores too, thanks to the Frostbite 3 engine scaling across multiple CPU threads more efficiently. There aren’t many graphics options to tweak according to DSOGaming, with distance textures “kind of low-res”.

Screenshots are down below:

Mirror's Edge Catalyst 4K 7Mirror's Edge Catalyst 4K 6Mirror's Edge Catalyst 4K 5Mirror's Edge Catalyst 4K 4
Mirror's Edge Catalyst 4K 9Mirror's Edge Catalyst 4K 2Mirror's Edge Catalyst 4K 3Mirror's Edge Catalyst 4K 1