Microsoft To launch VR Kit for lumia

Microsoft has the a lead on augmented reality aka AR with the HoloLens, the tech giant has set its sights on VR with its very own low-cost makeshift design that directly counters Google Cardboard.

The VR Kit by Microsoft is own version of Google Cardboard and is powered with Lumia Windows Phones. Also users simply slide their Lumia smartphones into the colored box and hold the rig up to their eyes to simulate VR. Thurrot. The news was spotted on a Russian website which was promoting a Microsoft-held contest that calls for devs to make their own games using the VR Kit.

 Although the foreign site took down the page most likely at the best of Microsoft. And also, if you take a close look at the VR Kit’s box you’ll notice the camera isn’t covered up, possibly for some sort of hybrid VR/AR interaction. The hackathon will begin on October 17 so we might see some official news in the coming weeks, but at this point the surprise is already out.