LG’s Preparations for Mass-Production of Foldable Displays Which Can Fold More Than 100,000 Times

LG launched their curved smartphone LG G flex on November 2013, after two years report says that LG is working to mass produce foldable display which can be folded up to 100,000 times without getting any damage. Report also says that LG is not going to use this display on their smartphone or other device they are going to produce this for another US based company. Although the report does not mention the name of this company LG partnered with. According to the report this US based company deals with global software business and wanted to compete against Samsung and Apple for the high end smartphone market.

Microsoft is the largest software company by the market cap which is our best guess but at this point nothing can be confirmed. Interestingly the report says that this mysterious US based company also order sample foldable display from Samsung but ultimately contracted with LG.

If you are thinking that foldable display will gain huge amount of importance in near future then you are not alone. According to market research results from HIS, foldable displays will amount to about a quarter of all flexible display sales in 2016. In 2020, that figure is said to cross the 50% line.

So what you think are this foldable display comes with smartphone on 2016. Till then stay tuned