Japan Display Made 17-Inch 8K Display With 120Hz Refresh Rate

After Sharp’s titanic 85-inch 8K TV, which is world first 8K TV, but now Japan Display, the supplier of Apple and other big brands, showcase its next gen display, The world’s first compact 8K LCD panel with a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 in a 17.3-inch display size.

This 17” inch 8K display sports a massive pixel density of 510 pixels-per-inch, miens total of 33,177,600 individual pixels, also it support 120Hz refresh rate which lots if you think abbot a 8k res . This 8K display has 176-degree wide viewing angle and high 2000:1 contrast ratio, Japan Display says this 8K panel can deliver “life-like 8K images with a true sense of depth”.

“The LCD module, based on low temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) technology with true 8K pixels (RGB stripe arrangement), realizes high definition (510ppi) images, and the 120Hz frame rate enables smooth playback of moving image,” says in the official press release.

The company hoping to use this 8K LCD panel in a number of markets including high-performance gaming monitors, professional video and image production, the medical field, design industry and many others. The panel will be on showcased to public during the CEATAC expo in Japan starting October 7.