Intel will continue using 14nm Processors till Holiday 2019

While AMD pushing 7nm by 2019, Intel will sell 14nm chips till holiday. Which means Intel’s 10-nanometer silicon fabrication process development still lacking. According to source, in the Q&A session of its Q2-2018 Earnings Call, Intel stated that the first products based on its 10 nm process will arrive only by Holiday 2019, making its 9th generation Core “Whiskey Lake” processor family, its 5th micro-architecture on the 14 nm node after “Broadwell,” “Skylake,” “Kaby Lake,” and “Coffee Lake.”

It’s likely that “Whiskey Lake” will continue holding performance leadership over 12 nm AMD “Pinnacle Ridge” with increased core-count, though that leadership won’t last forever. Intel is also squeezing out the competitiveness in its HEDT segment by launching new 20-core and 22-core LGA2066 processors; and a new platform with up to 28 cores and broader memory interface. Meanwhile, AMD hoping to roll out the first 7 nm EPYC processors by late-2018. And by 2019 when AMD launches its 7 nm 3rd generation Ryzen processors, Intel still going to use 14nm chips in the absence of 10 nm Core processors. Intel original roadmap expecting 10 nm rollout by 2015, but even after 3 years it still not here. That’s how much its plans have derailed.