Intel Unveils 28-core/56-thread HEDT Processor will launch before the year’s end

Finally, Intel maxed out the “Skylake-X” silicon with bringing its “Skylake XCC” (extreme core count) 700 mm² die on a consumer market. Intel still not named the new chip but it will feature 28-core/56-thread and clocked at 2.70 GHz (nominal), and without revealing Turbo speeds, Intel managed to overclock it bench-stable to 5.00 GHz, at which it scored 7,334 nT Cinebench points. Intel didn’t specify the processor’s package, though it is doubtful if it’s LGA2066 for the simple reason that the Skylake XCC die has 6-channel memory interface. Intel has plans to create a consumer version of LGA 3647 for is new chips. This new processor will launch in Q4-2018.