Intel new Kaby Lake Pentium CPUs will come with Hyperthreading

After the release of Kaby Lake Core series, Intel is now ready to launch new Pentium series CPUs but this time with Hyperthreading, allowing consumers to get two cores and four threads at very low prices.

With the help of hyperthreading, Intel’s new Pentium CPUs should offer similar performance to an i3, though not everything so great, Intel’s new Pentium CPUs didn’t support the AVX2 instruction set, which is very crucial for video editing and transcoding. While the lack of AVX2 instruction set should not affect gaming performance, it is certainly a disadvantage for many other applications.

Below is a list of Intel’s current Kaby Lake Pentium lineup, with prices starting as a little as $64. This new Pentium CPUs with Hyperthreading will be a popular choice for basic internet surfing and office work or ultra-low budget gaming PCs.

 CoresThreadsClock SpeedsTDPPrice
Pentium 4560243.5GHz51W$64
Pentium G4560T242.9GHz35W$64
Pentium G4600243.6GHz51W$75-82
Pentium G4600T243.0GHz35W$75
Pentium G4620243.7GHz51W$86-93