Intel I7-8700k Pushed Over 7.4 GHz on All 6 Cores with MSI’s Z370 GODLIKE Gaming Motherboard

MSI truly shows its strength and dominating performance on the on-shelf date for the new Z370 motherboards, with Z370 GODLIKE GAMING pushing the Intel 8th Gen i7-8700K over 7.4GHz on all cores (6 cores / 12 threads).

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With the Z370 GODLIKE GAMING, MSI’s most recognizable flagship Intel Z370 based motherboard, overclocker ‘Toppc’ reached to an unbelievable CPU frequency of 7405.12MHz with all cores. This record shows MSI’s dedication to deliver nothing but the best in performance for the new Z370 platform. The MSI Z370 GODLIKE GAMING features the most power phases found on any Z370 motherboard and plenty of other convenient overclocking tools to perform like a champion under the most extreme conditions. It’s also packed with exclusive gaming features, to enhance the gaming experience, making it most feature rich gaming motherboard on the market today.


MSI Z370 GODLIKE GAMING is the flagship motherboard for enthusiast gamers. With the total 18 phases DIGITALL power, combing with the activation of MSI exclusive one-second Game Boost to raise the performance to the next level like manual overclocking, without breaking a sweat, Z370 GODLIKE GAMING can overclock CPU and DRAM to the moon. Furthermore, M.2 Shield v2 thermal solution simply connects any of the latest generation NVMe based SSDs with ease, providing you a lighting fast storage transfer experience. Xtreme Audio DAC which passed the Hi-Res Audio certification creates the most realism sound experience and gameplay. The World’s Killer Xtend network solution allows the GODLIKE GAMING turns into a network extension bridge no matter wired and wireless devices. Like the Intel 8th Gen Core processors, the Z370 GODLIKE GAMING definitely introduces a new era of gaming.
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