Intel Core i7-9700K with MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard Review


With AMD Ryzen keep pushing Intel for CPU core race, and with mainstream 8 core offing by AMD, Intel finally has come out with its own 8 core CPUs in the mainstream market as 9th generation Coffee Lake refresh, with three new CPUs i5-9600K, i7-9700K and i9-9900K with up to 8 cores and 16 threads, up to 5.0 GHz single-core turbo frequency, and 16 MB Intel Smart Cache. Today we are going to check the Core i7-9700K with new Z390 motherboards that launched along with it. Though Core i7-9700K carry the i7 name, it lacks the Hyper-Threading and features only eight physical cores and 12 MB L3 cache with 95 W TDP and 16 PCIe lanes. The Core i7-9700K comes with a base clock of 3.6 GHz and boost up to 4.9GHz. So how this new Core i7-9700K perform compare previous gen hyper threading enable cousins? Let’s find out.

A photo released Oct. 8, 2018, shows a 9th Gen Intel Core processor packages. The processor family is optimized for gaming, content creation and productivity. (Source: Intel Corporation)


The Z390 also just a refresh of Z370 chipset rather than something brand new chipset, though there are few improvements, including native USB 3.1 Gen2 and Intel’s high-speed wireless solution. The 2×2 802.11ac connection boasts up to 1.73 Gb/s throughput. MSI motherboards will be sorted into four categories: the MEG series (MSI Enthusiast Gaming), MPG series (MSI Performance Gaming), MAG series (MSI Arsenal Gaming), and PRO series covers all boards designed for home or business use. The MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon is mid-range offing from MSI’s Z390 motherboard line-up. The Gaming Pro Carbon line of motherboards are quite popular because of premium features, but with a much lower price tag. The MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon offers decent VRM design, RGB lighting, M.2 heatsink. So is it worth your money? Let’s find out in our review.