Google Play Games App Now Allow You To Record And Upload Footage

As we know gameplay tutorial video is a one of the most viral segment in YouTube, more than 144 billion minutes of game play video watched in YouTube within a month. Channels like ‘VanossGaming’, ‘Sky Does Minecraft’ are generating millions view.

As like the Console and Pc gaming mobile gaming also have the same popularity that’s why Google recently added support for recording and uploading mobile game footage in its Google Play Games App. You can now easily record and share your best gaming moments with others. It’s so simple to do in play game apps select the game you want to play then tap the record button. But there is some limitation you can only capture 720p or 480p and you also add a video of yours and commentary via your phones front facing camera and microphone. When you done just quickly edit and upload your video to YouTube.

This new feature will available to US and UK user overs next few days and on other countries later on.