Google Launches New Chromecast With 5 GHz WI-Fi And Fast Play

Google launches new Chromecast with new design, colors and improved functionality to complement its new Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P smartphone duo.

The biggest improvement are the new circular design with colors, as for hardware Chromecast 2.0 include upgraded 802.11ac 5Ghz Wi-Fi connections with three built-in antennas that automatically find and attune to the best connection, but with this new updates, Google still locked it at 1080p and there no support for 4K video streaming. A Chromecast Audio version that lets you wirelessly stream music to your sound system is also available.

To complement new Chromecast 2.0, Google has rolled out a completely redesign Chromecast App that’s fully optimized with a number of different intuitive features. One of which, Fast Play is a kind of digital analyzer that can predict what you may want to watch and actually caches and pre-loads that, meaning it can pre-buffer a Hulu stream before you hit play. Google also touts that “thousands of apps” can now be casted with the device including Sling TV and Netflix.

Many previous Chromecast users complain about the blocked nearby ports because of Chromecast module. So address this issue, Google has redesigned the Chromecasts shell into circular design with an external HDMI cord in order to freeing up space for other ports. Chromecast still requires a separate USB power supply cord to function.

The new Chromecast available from today in 17 countries for price of $35(INR2500).