Packaging and Overview

GALAX RTX 2070 White Mini comes in a white box with card picture on top and features overview at the back. The noticeable info in the front is 3 years extended warranty.

Inside of the box, we find the card itself with some documentation and a Molex to 8-pin power adaptor, don’t use it, use you PSU 8-pin cable.

The first impression is it’s tiny, RTX 2070 White Mini barely bigger than my hand, it has two 80mm fans with fins underneath. The white color looks very attractive.

At the back, the white continues with lovely backplate, which also supports the PCB and provides the card more rigidity.

The card is powered by one 8-pin power connector. As know, RTX 2070 doesn’t support NVLink so there is no connector for it.

The display outputs include one DisplayPort 1.4, one HDMI 2.0 and DVI.

To give you and perspective of size comparison here it is beside Zotac AMP Extreme GTX 1080 and Galax RTX 2060.

Closer look

The cooler is attached to the backplate with eight screws, to remove the cooler completely you need to disconnect power connectors for the fans.

As we can see the cooler not just for GPU core, it also covers all RAM chips and VRM. The cooler has baseplate with three U shaped 8mm heatpipes that directly contact the GPU.

The PCB is slightly smaller than the length of the card, GALAX RTX 2070 White Mini comes with 6+2 VRM setup which is plenty powerful to handle RTX 2070. The memory chips are from Samsung.