Futuremark to released 3DMARK Time Spy 4K DirectX 12 benchmark later this month

Futuremark always pushing the limit with every new benchmark to evaluate new PC hardware continues to become stronger, especially in an era where 4K displays and 18-core CPUs are available to consumers.

Now, Futuremark has announced that they will be releasing a new benchmark into their 3DMARK benchmarking suite, adding a new 4K version of 3DMARK Time Spy which will render at 4K and features a more demanding CPU benchmark that will be able to showcase performance advantage of new 8+ core CPUs.

The CPU test has been redesigned to let processors with 8 or more cores perform to their full potential. Compared with Time Spy, the Extreme CPU test is three times more demanding. It also lets processors use more advanced instruction sets up to AVX2 when supported.

This benchmark will come as a free upgrade to all owners of 3DMARK Time Spy, which is great news for existing benchmarking enthusiasts. The new 3DMARK Time Spy 4K will release on October 11th.