eora 3D Turn Your Smartphone Into Affordable 3D Scanner

eora 3D is going to introduce their new highly precise affordable 3d scanner which can be used and powered by your smartphone. This new 3D scanner is smart, powerful and look really beautiful according to eora 3d they nearly spend $15000 to build a scanner which is extremely precise and accurate and also portable and affordable.


eora 3d use green leaser and mobile camera to take high quality scan. This device can be used with both selected Android and iOS device via blue tooth 4.0. The precision of the eora 3D scanner is an unprecedented sub-100 microns. Scans are captured in full-color and are rendered on-screen. With eora 3D you can scan up-to 1 meter with a typical smartphone camera’s Field Of View which will give you the capability to scan incredible 1 square meter in one scan.

Green laser:

The unique feature of the eora 3D scanner is have a green laser. Most consumer 3D scanned use red laser, but digital camera’s CMOS sensor are twice as sensitive to the green spectrum as they are on red. With this you can scan variety of lighting condition even outdoors. As you know green lasers are cost three times than a standard red laser, to reduce the device cost eora 3D use the smartphone’s camera and processor and invest more in area like laser optics and powerful algorithms for the app.

360 Turntable

eora 3D scanner doesn’t require a turntable because the app join various scan from various angle to create a full model. eora 3D also created an optional wireless turntable for smaller object which can be controller via Bluetooth.


The app of the earo 3d scanner is most simple and easy to use. Just tap the scan to scan an object and tap the library to view, edit and share your existing 3D models.

We think this product is quite unique and highly accurate as a 3D scanner. This device is currently funding through Kickstarter where the creator is asking for $80,000, but already reached $432,141 and still 23 days to go.  Which means it’s coming to the market on next year.

You can check the Kickstarter for more details.