Drasphone Which Is Flexible and Foldable

As companies like Samsung getting ready to launch their first flexible smartphone, other companies like British Tech Company R&D CORE has showcase their concept, the Drasphone. The Drasphone comes with flexible display and four part body connected by the display and three articulated hinges, allowing the device to be folded up to a size smaller than a pack of cigarettes.

The design based on R&D CORE’s Digital Resistive Area Sensing (DRAS) Technology, using its own flexible display patent, which the company describes as overcoming “capacitive touch screen limitations revolutionizing next-gen portable devices and wearable-tech, providing greater functionality and control”. Key features of DRAS include:

  • The sensor is put behind the flexible display: there is no impact on the display’s optical performance
  • Ideal for next-generation, flexible display devices and wearable electronics
  • Truly flexible, roll able
  • Multi-touch
  • Finger force sensing
  • Not affected by humidity or temperature swings
  • No calibration required
  • Virtually borderless
  • Extremely thin
  • Consumes very little power


The Drasphone operates in three modes: fully unfolded, partially folded to become the MiniDras, and fully folded as the MicroDras. R&D CORE are still seeking an OEM to build and support their Drasphone.