Deepcool U PAL Review


Laptops are a great way to do work, gaming or video editing without being stuck to a desk. In recent years, laptops have become smaller and more powerful to run the latest games and works. But it also comes with the issue of heat, which comes with powerful hardware. Laptop Coolers are insured that your laptop runs cooler and performs as they should.

Deepcool well known for their cooling solutions product. Today we tested Deepcool U series U PAL laptop cooler. Deepcool U PAL has a U shape design, which inspired by the Arch of Constantine in Rome, Italy. The idea is to put two 140mm cooling fan directly under the heating area of most laptops. It supports maximum 15.6”inch laptops and comes with six different supporting angles up to 45° max.

Technical Spec

Overall Dimension Fan Dimension Net Weight Bearing Type
390X280X27.5mm 140X140X15mm 765g Hydro Bearing
Rated Voltage Operating Voltage Started Voltage Rated Current
5VDC 4.5~5VDC 4VDC 0.30±10%A
Power Input Fan Speed Max. Air Flow Noise
1.5W 1000±10%RPM 92.22CFM 26.3dB(A)
  • Erwin

    Hey Suvendu, thank you for the detailed review. This convinced me to get this cooler, 2 years after you wrote this. The temperature readings were especially helpful. The photos were really helpful as well. All of the details were greatly appreciated, really.

    • teckknow

      Happy to help, the cooler still working fine, only thing requires a dust cleanup one’s a year.