Cooler Master Masterliquide Maker 240 Review


Cooler Master one of the most renowned company when comes to CPU coolers and their Masterliquide series offers some of the most well build All-in-one CPU coolers, but one area where they are lacking was DIY liquid CPU coolers. With more people started looking ahead of standard AIO coolers, the need for a beginner’s custom loop kits are growing, and Cooler Master is ready with their latest offering Masterliquide Maker 240, which is a full DIY custom-loop kit with a 240mm radiator, a full metal CPU block, and a pump- reservoir combo unit. This kit is designed for users who are new to custom liquid cooling and not sure about different fitting and other stuff associated with water cooling. Also, the Masterliquide Maker 240 will be little cheaper compared to individually purchased components which available in the market. So how is it performing and is it really that easy to setup?  Let’s find out.