Canon Showing their VR headset with 2.5K display for each eye

As everyone jumping on virtual reality technology, so Canon doesn’t want to leave behind. Canon showcased its VR on the VR expo in New York. But the interesting thing is, Canon’s VR features an insane resolution of 2560 x 1440 per eye for a total 5600 x 2800 pixels, which is highest till now.

According Canon’s new VR display has a 120-degree field of view with “very clear visuals” and a three-layer optical lens system for each eye. Although right now the Canon’s VR just a prototype, still its design is pretty unconventional, it has two legs for holding  to your head, usually VR is strapped to fit your head. Canon showing a 5-minute loop of high-res footage shot by Canon cameras in 5600 x 2800 resolution.