ASUS Strix Series Sound Cards

Are you a gamer or love better sound quality then here is a news especially for you people, that is ASUS has just announced Strix Raid DLX, Strix Pro, and Strix Soar all the cards dedicated for improving sound quality although ASUS on board solution are improving.

Then Key Question is what would that have in it the new range of discrete gaming sound cards which will have capability to deliver 192kHz/24-bit audio high-definition audio, 7.1-channel surround-sound, and Perfect Voice noise-cancellation technology although you may think that it’s already in you onboard, but the key thing is are you satisfied with that sound quality, Because Strix Raid DLX (Deluxe)  features with ESS SABRE9016 digital-to-analog converter (DAC) which is the world’s highest performance 32-bit and 24-bit audio DAC for an amazing 124dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).  Strix Raid Pro and Strix Soar will be coming with ESS SABRE9006A DAC. All three cards have a powerful built-in 600-ohm headphone amplifier to drive even large headphones with ease.  You can connect up to 7 speakers and a subwoofer (the 0.1 – because it’s omnidirectional) for true 7.1 discrete-channel surround sound.

Also, don’t forget that this are Strix range of sound cards which means they are highly optimized for gaming to give you the edge, so that you can customize your genre of games, Perfect Voice Control to reduce background noise when communicating with teammates, or you simply want ear-thumping bass because you love it. Lastly, but not least Raid DLX and PRO provide an audio station which help you can have fine control over the sound, also it is large enough for the user to find it in dark as because of its LED display helps you in it.