ASUS MAXIMUS XI Hero Z390 Motherboard Review


Overclocking these days are become very easy, still for new users who have no idea what to do, there is an option for auto overclocks built-in the motherboards. Asus has implemented their 5-Way Optimization which can give very nice automated overclock, by testing your particular CPU and push it as long as possible. With new MAXIMUS XI series ASUS also include an AI Optimization option which will enable smart overclocking, meaning that CPU frequency and voltages will be adjusted based on certain parameters.

Though we will manually overclock our Core i7 9700K, first we set 3000MHz on our ADATA XPG D40 rams with CL 16, 16, 16, 36 timing. Then select sync all cores and set our core ratio to 51. Next up we set our CPU core voltage to 1.400 and our memory DRAM voltage to also 1.350 as we overclocked the memory, though I recommend changing ASUS load-line calibration to level 6 for better stability or voltage may drop in certain situations.


VRM Temperatures

After the VRM temperature issue on X299 boards, we added VRM temp monitoring for motherboard reviews. I am happy to see ASUS finally changed the heatsink design which not just for looks and features enough surface area, also a Heatpipe between two Heatsinks helps too. The max temp we record was 71.5°C on max load, do notice we used an open-air test bench so there are no case fan or CPU cooler fan that circulate air around the VRM heatsink on a well-ventilated case the temp should be little lower.