ASUS MAXIMUS XI Hero Z390 Motherboard Review




The generational update is so slow right now that you can’t see much of improvement over previous gen products these days. The new MAXIMUS XI Hero is marginal update over MAXIMUS X Hero and also the same story, over Z370 the new Z390 don’t bring much and as the new CPUs will be backward compatible with Z370 motherboards it hard to justify paying any extra for the new chipset. Performance wise we didn’t find much to complain about on MAXIMUS XI Hero either as on our Core i7 9700K overlock was solid and stable and we didn’t see much of voltage drops, though we would like to see a true 6 or 8 phase design over a (4×2)+2 phase design, as we only got Core i7 9700K sample so we can’t talk about how this VRM design will be performed with power hungry Core i7 9900K. Another improvement over the previous gen was a better design VRM heatsink, but as its a (4×2)+2 phase VRM design it runs a little hotter than a true 8 phase design.

Overall MAXIMUS XI Hero is just like its chipset is a refresh of MAXIMUS X Hero and you are getting a better-looking board with all the modern features and we have nothing to complain about, so ASUS MAXIMUS XI Hero getting our GOLD AWARD and we confidently recommend it for any gaming build.

ASUS MAXIMUS XI Hero Z390 Motherboard Review
9.3 Overall
  • Great looks
  • Robust build quality
  • Decent Overclocking
  • Feature rich software suite
  • 10Gbps USB 3.1 Type-C and A
  • Dual M.2 slot with heatsinks
  • Tons of connectivity
  • Lots of fan header
  • Built-in Water cooling support
  • Great RGB lighting
  • Two 4-pin and Two addressable 3-pin built-in RGB header
  • Onboard AC-WiFi
  • Cons
  • We would like to see a true 6 or 8 phase VRM design instead of 4 phase design
  • Build Quality9.5