AOC Launches Two New FreeSync Monitors Under $200 Price Tag

As AMD promises that the AMD’s FreeSync technology will not affect monitor price and we get AMD’s FreeSync technology for cheap price. But when FreeSync monitors rally comes out it has a premium price tag, yes, it was considerably cheaper the G-Sync, sill it was out of average gamer’s budget.

Now AOC is the first company that brings AMD’s FreeSync into average consumer reach. The two new monitors 21.5″ G2260VWQ6 and the 24″ G2460VQ6 models, both with a 1920x1080p panel and has scanning range of 48-75Hz. The 21.5″ G2260VWQ6 has a price tag of $152 (INR10.000) and 24″ G2460VQ6 will comes with $198 (INR 14.000) price tag. For connections, both has VGA, HDMI and Displayport and also support VESA mount, it means this allow this monitor to be used on monitor arms for a multi-Screen configuration.

The price makes this monitor unmatched in the market for now, because the cheapest G-Sync monitors cost two times more over $450 (INR 30.000). With Intel looks to support Adaptive Sync (check our post about Intel’s plans to support AMD’s FreeSync) this monitor is the way to ready yourself for the future.