AMD’s New AM4 Platform And Zen CPU Rumoured To Launch On March 2016

According to rumour AMD may release their new AM4 platform along with Zen architecture on March 2016. This rumour is stated on Planet3dnow according to them AMD could launch their new AM4 platform in March 2016 which much earlier from previous rumour release date.


This new AM4 platform will support both CPUs and APUs from AMD and also this new platform will remain much longer than their previous platforms. AMD’s new AM4 platform will support their upcoming Summit Ridge and Bristol Ridge platforms with DDR4 memory. In the Summit Ridge range is for the performance desktop CPU’s under FX branding on Zen architecture and the Bristol Ridge range is for the mainstream CPU’s under APU range on Excavator architecture. This new Summit Ridge range will be made by the smaller and most power efficient 14nm process up to 8X CPU cores and Bristol Ridge APU’s will be made by their current 28nm process up to 4X CPU cores, both this architecture will draw 95 watt and will support DDR4 memory.  Until the release stay tuned.