AMD Ryzen Threadripper MCM De-lidded and De-packaged CPU dies

Famous overclocker Der8auer, who originally de-lidded Ryzen Threadripper and shown us that it has four total CPU dies, but only two is active. Now after his video there is word spread that only two are actual “Zeppelin” CPU dies and other two are dummies, just to hold space.

But Der8auer originally said that all four total CPU dies are actual dies, and two of them are disabled. So to prove it, he bought a new retail unite of Ryzen Threadripper 1950X and de-lidded it. But this time he also removed the actual dies and sanding them to reveal the transistor of the CPU core. As you can see all four “Zeppelin” CPU dies has a transistor, so they are not dummy which means it’s a practically a 32 core CPU but half of them disabled. So he proved that there are no dummy dies on Ryzen Threadripper, which AMD claimed.