AMD RX Vega 56 BIOS Flash to Vega 64 Offering Improved Performance

A ChipHell forum user has flashed a Vega 64 BIOS onto a Vega 56 successfully, but apparently, the shaders won’t unlock (at least not according to our very own GPU-Z). Though performance has improved, the lesser amount of shaders on the Vega 56 silicon (3585 Shaders / 224 TMUs / 64 ROPs compared to Vega 64’s 4096 / 256 / 64 apparently doesn’t hinder performance that much.

After the BIOS Flash Vega 56 gets a hefty clock speed bump (1471MHz to 1545MHz core boost clock and 800MHz to 945MHz clock speed on HB2 memory) which do more than enough to compensate performance loss from the lesser amount of compute resources available on Vega 56, making it effectively a Vega 64 in performance department according to 3D Mark Fire Strike. Also, some Vega 56 samples may even be further overclocked than Vega 64’s stock clocks speeds so performance can be further improved. However, the fact that a Vega 56 at Vega 64 clocks and a Vega 64 deliver around the same score in benchmarks definitely does raise questions on how well the extra computing resources of Vega 64 has been utilizing.