AMD Gray Hawk APUs build on 7nm with 8 threads, just 10W power

There are rumours that AMD’s next-gen 7nm Gray Hawk APUs will arrive in 2019, AMD still didn’t launch it Zen which will begin in 2017. But the future Hawk APUs will have a 4-core/8-thread CPU on the 7nm FinFET process using Zen+ cores taking just 10W of power. For graphics side, these new codenamed Gray Hawk processors will feature the next-gen Navi GPU architecture also coming in 2019, which was reportedly delayed from 2018 just recently.


APUGrey Hawk APURaven Ridge APUA10-7890K
Process node7nm14nm28nm
CPU ArchitectureZen+ZenSteamroller
Base Clock4.1GHz
Turbo Clock4.3GHz
GPU ArchitectureNaviPolarisGCN
GPU Cores512
GPU Clock900MHz

Gray Hawk will be released after Raven Ridge, with Raven Ridge based on the 14nm process and coming sometime in mid-2017. The new Gray Hawk architecture will be used in desktops, notebooks, arcade gaming systems, embedded devices, automation, retail signage to medical imaging and industrial control systems.