AMD fellow Phil Rogers jump to NVIDIA

Phil Rogers, who is a senior Corporate Fellow at AMD, also one of its longest serving employees, left the company for rival NVIDIA. Rogers was with AMD/ATI for around 21 years. Rogers joined AMD in 1994, and was promoted to Corporate Fellow in 2007. And one of his key contributions to the company was seeing the potential in Fusion initiative, integrating CPU and GPU into one powerful chip. Now in his new job at NVIDIA, Rogers will be Chief Software Architect for compute servers. This is certainly big deal.

Now NVIDIA is investing a lot of money into cloud computing (as in computing on the cloud), in which people will not only play games rendered on the cloud, but also more serious applications based on deep-learning and AI could be cloud-driven, and with the right cloud computing service subscribed, even a tiny personal device like a smartwatch can crunch complex problems. As a chipmaker with high TFLOP/s GPGPU chips, NVIDIA is eyeing itself a big slice of the emerging industry, and wants the best hands on the job. Also NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has a personal interest in compute servers, and he has entrusted the most important jobs to Phil Rogers. Also this is the second major event of attrition by innovative people of AMD. At first, CPU architect Jim Keller left AMD after completing a stint at designing new “Zen” micro-architecture and now Rogers. It’s seems like AMD is losing the best men at work.